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Impressum Media Inc. is a publishing company specialized in innovative next generation publishing projects – interactive multimedia CDs and DVDs. Our best known product is the Firearms Guide series - the world's first computer searchable firearms, airguns and ammunition reference guide and schematics library.

Today, classical print publishing has become obsolete and too expensive for adequate presentation of a large number of products or services, partners or clients.

At the same time, it offers no other way of data searching except slowly browsing through pages, just like in the 19 th century. So, the question still remains: How do you find a product in 600 pages of catalogue with 10 000 products? How do you reasonably ship that 4lb catalogue?

Classical print publishing cannot offer modern functions like:

  • fast data search
  • multiple criteria data search
  • linking search results with advertisers and manufacturers or distributors web sites
  • comparison of products or data search results
  • printing data search results – faxing or emailing manufacturers or distributors
  • presentation of products or services with a large number of pictures, sounds or videos.
  • and many more........

But our interactive multimedia CDs and DVDs can!!!

That's why they are a modern, volumnious and cost effective answer to publishing needs for every business in every market – regardless whether you are a newspaper, book or magazine publisher, real estate agency, wholesaler or retailer, manufacturer, communications company, private or government organization, convention or fair, large chain or small company….any business or organization who wants to present their products or services to their maximum potential.

And, CD and DVD prices have never been lower than they are today !!!

Your catalog now can be computer searchable, on CD or DVD that is cheap to replicate and to ship to your customers.